Paper Tree Tutorial -Recycling Craft

Magazine Art - Paper Tree 
         Hi friends sharing a recycling craft - a desktop Paper Christmas tree made by recycling a magazine!
         Nothing gives me a kick more than a recycling craft! Here is the humble magazine I recycled.
Paper Tree Tutorial 
There are so many tutorials on magazine folding and I tweaked a tutorial by Innova crafts to make this Paper Tree. This one is pretty straightforward and very easy to get it right at your first go!
Paper Tree Tutorial
Take 2 pages of your magazine and fold the top and bottom corners as shown above.Keep folding every 2 pages of your magazine until you have folded all the pages.
Paper Tree Tutorial 
Once you have folded all the pages of your magazine, take out your glue gun and apply a generous line of glue along the central part of your magazine. Take a folded page and roll it inwards and stick it .
Paper Tree Tutorial
In this step take care you follow a roll and stick motion  and not a folding motion.Do the same for all your pages and your tree will take shape!
Paper Tree Tutorial
         In case you want to paint your tree, the easiest way is to use spray paints. I prefer Bosny acrylic paints as they dry so much quicker and give more vibrant colors compared to cheaper brands but the disadvantage is that these are not exactly kid safe and are best used outdoors. This particular tree was spray painted by my hubby!!
Altering a Magazine
After  the spray paint had dried, I gave it a nice spray with E6000 spray adhesive and sprinkled a little bit of lovely "sparkling dust" which was also used in the Sparkling Snowman project.
Magazine Folding Paper Tree
Love the gentle shimmer the glitter gave our tree!
Paper Tree Tutorial
Added a few swirls of silver balls and glittery Spellbinders ornaments and silver floam stars and the transformation of the humble magazine to a gorgeous tree was complete!!
What do you say my friends ?


Thermocol Crafts : Sparkling Snowman

Sparkling Thermocol Snowman
          Hi friends ,it feels so good to be back to blogland after a gap of a month. We had gone on a family vacation to Singapore and I am settling down to normal life only now!
          While it's still winter I would like to share a cute snowman my daughter created using thermocol/styrofoam balls and "sparkling dust" a new product launched in India by Crafters Corner.
Thermocol Crafts
      My kiddo is quite good working with clay and she fashioned a nose and sculpted ear muffs  for her snowman using air-drying clay . The hat and muffler were made using pipe stem cleaners. It was so easy to make the snowman sparkle by giving a nice spray using the spray adhesive and dusting over with the "sparkling dust".
You can read more about this child friendly spray adhesive here : Spray Glue Tutorial
Snowman Crafts
I hope you liked this simple cute sparkling snowman
I have missed my blogger pals and will be visiting everyone soon!!

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